About IMPCO Microfinishing Solutions

About IMPCO Microfinishing

Lansing, Michigan, USA

Established 1937, IMPCO developed and introduced the first ‘automated’ crankshaft microfinishing machine in 1948 that polished main and pin bearings on an 8-cylinder automotive crankshaft.

Since then, the company, through its internal R&D department, has engaged in continuous product development to ensure its microfinishing (superfinishing) solutions improve customer product quality and functionality in every application.

The patented IMPCO Microfinishing process has always been the heart of what the company does to help its customers achieve superior part function characteristics through submicron control of surface finish and geometry of precision ground journals.

The advantages of the IMPCO microfinishing process is delivered to automotive, medical, defense, and motorsport users worldwide through its Global Sales and Service Network, with North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Successful Global Partnerships

For more than 80 years, IMPCO has been a leading provider of microfinishing solutions that improve the customer part functionality and performance through surface finish and geometry improvements on critical components such as crankshafts, camshafts, transmission shafts, and more.

Millions of automotive and off-road vehicle engines and transmissions last longer and operate more efficiently thanks to IMPCO Microfinishing.

IMPCO is a partner to Caterpillar, Carrier, Copeland, Detroit Diesel, FCA, Ford Motor, General Motors, JLR, John Deere, Renault, Nissan, Hindustan Motors, Volkswagen, and many more fine companies.

Our alliances with leaders in technology and our years of experience in designing and building microfinishing machines for global markets, make IMPCO solutions trustworthy and reliable. IMPCO solutions are extensively used in automotive, cookware, tubes and bars, hardware and general manufacturing industry.

Through our efforts and collaboration with our customers we are able to deliver the appropriate machine solution for a large number of situations including:

  • High volume, high performance solution for components up to 0.8m in length
  • Low volume, high performance solutions up to 0.8m in length
  • Low volume, high performance heavy-duty solution for parts to 3m in length

Flexible microfinishing solutions are available where low production with a high variation in components is required.

Finally, IMPCO solutions are designed to be modular and easily installed and operating at your facility in the shortest time possible to avoid disruption to your manufacturing process.

We manufacture a full range of Microfinishing solutions from flexible machines designed for low volume, high accuracy components through to dedicated OEM solutions and production rates

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