Frequently Asked Questions | IMPCO Microfinishing

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can be Microfinished?

Microfinishing can be used on virtually any material. In fact, the more difficult a material is to finish with other processes, the easier it is for our process. Microfinishing is used on tungsten carbide, ceramics, chrome plating, bearing steel, forged steel, chilled iron, cast iron, soft and hard rubber, copper, aluminum stainless steel, and more.

What types of parts are being Microfinished (superfinished) with this process?

This can be a very long list. Parts as small as a 3/16" dowel or as large as a yankee dryer drum, which can be 20 feet in diameter, are being Microfinished (superfinished). Engine and transmission components, hydraulic and pump parts, shock absorber rods and struts, compressor parts, steel mill work rolls, paper machine rolls, copper foil drums and a large variety of other parts are being Microfinished.

Is it expensive to Microfinish?

Not at all. The abrasive costs are minimal and our customers normally see large savings as a result of a decrease in production time and labor costs. Additional cost savings results from the quality and consistency of a Microfinished surface. No more rejections or questionable quality.

Are Microfinishing machines difficult to operate?

Absolutely not. The Microfinishing (superfinish) process is a very simple technique and all of our machines are designed and built to be very user friendly. Customers have the ability to train operators in a matter of hours on how to operate our equipment. There is no more "art" as there is in operating a sophisticated grinder.